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Our Services

Lean Design & Construction

We provide full spectrum coaching, facilitation and training for your teams and organizations and we meet your team members where they are currently in their lean journey to provide a customize coaching approach.  Our coaches are approved instructors and expert facilitators in developing lean culture, organization, and process.  We lead with culture and champion development pulling tools as appropriate including: Last Planner System®, A3 Problem Solving, Target Value Delivery, Kaizen/Continuous Improvement, 5S, Visual Management and others.

Integrated Project Delivery

At TRG we are firm believers that integration drives improved outcomes, especially combined with a lean culture.  Our coaches can support your integration objectives from project conception (owner business case), through team formation and organization and into execution.  Embedding with your team as coaches and facilitators, we help with team and contract vehicle selection, team colocation and integration (in-person, virtual or hybrid), target value delivery, continuous cost modeling, work clustering and internal facilitator development.

Strong Team Dynamics via 

Fundamental to project success are the people engaged with the work.  To more rapidly achieve team integration, effective communication and trust, we implement a coaching framework based on CliftonStrengths from Gallup© to help teams to rapidly thrive, create interpersonal understanding and help leadership in team organization by gaining insight into individual team member talents and strengths. 

Lean Champion Development

Core to the success of any lean implementation is the development of passionate, skilled, and influential internal champions and facilitators who will continue to develop lean leadership across the organization or team.  Through individualized coaching and mentoring we can help you identify and develop these key supporters of your lean journey.

Alignment Partnering

TRG developed Alignment Partnering™ (construction partnering) and Project Realignment™ (dispute resolution) to break down company silos, create horizontal competence teams, unify disparate groups within various organizations and concentrate the team on the Project First philosophy. TRG is the only partnering facilitation company actively engaged in lean partnering and bringing lean construction principles for innovative project delivery to the partnering session.

Agile and Scrum

As Certified Scrum Masters (CSM®) through the Scrum Alliance® we support your project teams in building or product design and development to create and agile environment for rapid design sprints and improvement.  Scrum partners closely with lean principles and Last Planner System® and our coaches can provide customized approaches integrating both skillsets to best support your team

Lean Owner's Representatives

If your in-house resources are stretched or do not yet have the experience to be successful leaders in a lean and integrated project environment, TRG can be your partner in project implementation and provide either integrated and lean project management services and team coaching (typically this will be different resources for each role but working closely together).  With decades of experience in-house as owner managers with the majority of that experience on lean and IPD projects, we work on your behalf to drive successful project outcomes while creating a learning organization to develop in-house resources.

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