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APWA Award Congratulations

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People that know the process say . . .

"The ReAlignment Group offers a unique and refreshing perspective on the construction industry and projects. Through encouragement of communication and thoughtfulness, they lead complex projects into a more collaborative and effective environment than typically experienced. They are perhaps the most effective facilitators I have worked with. Their approach is a revelation, and I would recommend working with them on any project. Further, they bring tremendous real experience and a sense of fun to the project that keeps things fresh and vital."

Jeff Goodale, Senior Vice President | Justice Director

"Typically when planning a project, it is hard for each party to look out for more than their own part of the project. Having Dick and Dan as facilitators during our Pull Planning sessions has made a huge difference. The individual team members started thinking about how to optimize the entire design process rather than their part which resulted in a much shorter schedule, more flexibility to accommodate owner needs and a better coordinated project. Having the facilitators as part of the team kept issues from becoming impasses. Dick and Dan are able to keep the team focused and maintain a positive problem solving attitude that paid big dividends for the project."

Katherine Blume, P.E.
Project Director

"Two years ago I was the program director for a joint venture of URS and Bovis Lend Lease, serving as the owner’s program manager for the $6 Billion California Prison Health Care Receivership Program. We were responsible for planning and building 7 new facilities of approximately 1 million SF each, in 42 months, or as the court appointed receiver said it, “…as fast as humanly possible…”. The federal courts had taken over prison health care in California as the result of the state’s failure to provide minimum constitutional access to care, and had ordered the state to build 10,000 new beds to address the need. Needless to say, we were in unprecedented territory.

Initially, we hired The Realignment Group as a partnering consultant, to help us build a very large team quickly. We also hired LPC (Lean Project Consultants), the consulting arm of LCI (Lean Construction Institute) to help us plan a lean-based collaborative process for a program which was both court ordered and public funded. TRG and LPC worked closely to invent a unique approach to managing our unique challenge.

It became apparent to us very quickly that Dick and Dan (or “D2” as they came to be known) brought skills to the table that went well beyond the typical partnering services. They both worked with us virtually full time, assisting in the strategy for hiring three design-build teams, and then bringing them into our “big room”, a unique collaborative environment for coordinating everything necessary to deliver $6 billion in construction in 3 1/2 years. 

TRG was instrumental in facilitating our “big room” planning process. During a 6 month planning phase, we brought our PM team, the three design build teams (4 large contractors and 8 large AE firms) and representatives of a number of state agencies, into a centralized work space in Sacramento to work as a single collaborative organization. Together, we acquired sites, executed the EIR process (CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act), planned infrastructure, planned and designed the facilities, planned their fast-track construction delivery, supported the court–ordered funding process, and planned the future staffing and operations of unique facilities.

At it’s peak, the collaborative team numbered approximately 250 professionals from dozens of firms and state agencies, all working concurrently across a network of tasks. Dick and Dan led the efforts to keep the team organized and focused, and were instrumental in facilitating literally hundreds of work sessions for planning innovative approaches in collaboration, communications, continuous Lean learning, BIM applications, work-flow management, integrated project delivery, and LEED –silver compliance. 

We were successful in creating a team and approach for a program rich in challenges. Dick and Dan were instrumental in helping develop an approach tailored to the unique challenges. I honestly don’t know how we could have done it without them."

Bill Proctor
Program Director
URS-Bovis Joint Venture