John Wayne Airport Terminal C Addition, Irvine, CA, for McCarthy Building Companies

john wayne airport terminal cJohn Wayne’s new Terminal C, opened on time in November, 2011, increasing the airports capacity from 8.4 million annual passengers to 10.8 million and providing international flights. The $211.5 million project added 282,000 square-foot, three-level Terminal C building and basement, to the existing 448,000 square-feet in Terminals A and B at the Thomas F. Riley Terminal. TRG provided critical 11th Hour Last Planner® System implementation both McCarthy and the Owner’s other primes to assure the Terminal opened exactly on the day promised.

Work sessions include:

  • Last Planner System training and coaching (construction)
  • Owner's multiple primes interfacing with airlines



San Francisco Municipal Transportation Association (SFMTA), Third Street Light Rail Project, San Francisco, CA, for Barnard-Impregilo Healy JV

sfmtaCommencing in 2012 and continuing into 2013, TRG is conducting Alignment Partnering Sessions for SFMTA and Barnard-Impregilo Healy JV for the Third Street Light Rail Project in downtown San Francisco.

State of Ohio Department of Transportation's Rich Street Bridge Reconstruction, Columbus, OH, for Kokosing Construction

rich street bridgeIn addition to TRG's efforts in leading the Ohio State Partnering Committee to re-write the Ohio Department of Transportation Partnering Manual (2009 – 2013), TRG conducted a Pilot Project of three years of quarterly Alignment Partnering sessions to facilitate team building and application of their newly developed ODOT partnering principles on the $32 million reconstruction of the Rich Street Bridge (2009 – 2012) in Columbus, Ohio.

Union Pacific Railroad Intermodel Transportation Center Parking Lot Improvements, Mesquite, TX, for Ragnar Benson Construction

union pacific railroad

In 2012, TRG facilitated Last Planner® System weekly work planning sessions on the 22 acre parking lot expansion of the Intermodal Facility in Mesquite, Texas. Early in the project Pull Planning uncovered an error in the size of the paving machine, which was able to be corrected before it impacted the project. Ultimately, the use of pull planning trimmed two weeks off of an intense 105 day paving schedule. 

Work sessions include:

  • Last Planner® and Pull Planning (Milestone and Phase Planning Sessions; Weekly Work Plan Sessions)

State of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Partnering Program Development, Columbus, OH, for ODOT

In 2010 and commencing again in January 2013, TRG worked with a joint Industry/ODOT committee to analyze and update the Partnering Program for highway construction in Ohio.  In 2010, TRG facilitated several meetings of the Committee, drafted a new Partnering Manual, and assisted in development of a new Partnering Specification and Proposal Note. Commencing in January 2013, TRG prepared the Partnering Facilitators Training Curriculum and materials and delivered the kick-off Partnering Facilitators Training in March 2013.

Work Sessions included:

  • Industry convening
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Coordination of information and data gathering
  • Draft manual & training curriculum

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Partnering & Dispute Resolution, Multiple Locations in CA, for Multiple Contractors

California Department of Transportation CaltransTRG is currently or has recently conducted quarterly Alignment Partnering sessions to facilitate team building on the following Caltrans projects:

  • Route 15 Widening, Riverside County (2012 - present)
  • Interstate 5 Widening, Los Angeles County (2012 - present)
  • 905 Freeway Construction (Pkg. A), San Diego County (2008-2009)
  • Interstate 8 Widening, San Diego County (2009 –2011) - This team recently won the CalTrans District 11 Silver Partnering Award for successful completion of a difficult project.
  • Route 91 Grinding & Grooving, Los Angeles Metro Area (2011)
  • Ukiah Hwy 101 Concrete Panel Replacement, Mendocino County (2010)

TRG has conducted dispute resolution & ReAlignment facilitation on the following Caltrans projects:

  • Coronado Bridge Maintenance, San Diego
  • Highway 7 Construction, Calexico

Omnitrans Vehicle Maintenance Facility Expansion & Improvements, San Bernardino, CA for USS Cal Builders

omnitransCommencing in 2013, TRG is conducting quarterly Alignment Partnering Sessions for Omnitrans and USS Cal Builders on the Omnitrans Vehicle Maintenance Facility Expansion and Improvements Project in San Bernardino, CA.