Learning and Training

The ReAlignment Group uses a “pull” approach to lean learning.  Rather than push a rigid curriculum onto a project or a company, our approach is first to meet immediate needs (such as Last Planner® System implementation and coaching) and let the team’s experiences pull the tools and techniques they need at a pace they can absorb and implement. 

The ReAlignment Group’s unique skills lie in introducing state-of-the-art tools, techniques and lean principles and behaviors to field leaders, trade contractors, designers and owners in simple, palatable ways.  We “keep it real.”  Our facilitators and coaches come from deep construction and design backgrounds and demonstrate credibility across the project spectrum—from the jobsite trailer to the boardroom.

In the ReAlignment approach, our clients do not invest heavily in classroom training without a clear return.  We offer a very visible, tactile, proactive, interactive and collaborative experience.  Participants learn by doing.   This creates quick collaboration and early successes in project planning and execution. 

Such early successes open the door to introducing additional, valuable techniques like Root Cause Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Reporting, Visible Workplace tools, Standard Work, Milestone and Program Verification planning, Target Value Design and set based planning.