Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Integrated Project Delivery is a philosophic approach for designing a production or delivery system that maximizes value to the owner. The philosophy seeks maximum value to the owner and results in the elimination of waste. Simply put, Integrated Project Delivery uses lean construction principles in a process-centered approach to developing and delivering a project.

To download a complete explanation of IPD CLICK HERE

For a quick introduction to IPD, view these video clips from a CMAA, San Diego workshop titled 'Project Delivery Hat Trick: IPD, Lean and BIM' on October 2, 2009, then download our full explanation of IPD below.

Prof. Colin Milberg "What is IPD? Difference vs. design-build" & Omar Rodea "Overlap between IPD and design-build"

Dick Bayer discusses "Contract Differences" and "IPD contract-portions open to negotiations"

Omar Rodea and Dick Bayer discuss "Design-Build and IPD as Relationships of Trust"

Dan Fauchier discusses "IPD co-location or 'Big Room'"

Dan Fauchier, Colin Milberg, and Mo Haidar discuss "End users involvement"

To download a complete explanation of IPD CLICK HERE