USIEC United States Excellence Award

The ReAlignment Group, Ltd. was recognized as a 2013 United States Excellence Award recipient from panel of industry executives and consultants selected by The US Institute for Excellence in Commerce. The USIEC oversees an annual survey on various industries and determines which companies meet and exceed the industry benchmarks that have been set forth.



LCI Chairman’s Award

Dick Bayer was at the helm of LCI as it moved from its roots as an influential think tank to the voice of lean in the Design and Construction Industry.  He successfully negotiated membership agreements with AGC and AIA, increased revenues to over $1M per year and increased membership by almost 50%. 



IPI Diamond Partnering Award

Dan Fauchier and Dick Bayer transitioned from their pivotal roles as chief facilitators to the entire California Prison Healthcare Receivership to the partnering facilitators on the almost $900 Stockton Prison Healthcare Facility.  Beyond partnering, the ReAlignment Group implemented pull planning on the project to increase work in place from $1M per day to $3M per day, allowing the project to finish on time and under budget.