Dianne Davis

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Dianne Davis is an Associate with The ReAlignment Group and is a Principal of AEC Infosystems, an award winning BIM consulting firm with 25 years of BIM development and innovation experience. Ms. Davis supports owners and service providers by facilitating BIM, Lean, and IPD to maximize client value, project efficiencies, and BIM use across the facility lifecycle.

  • BIM - is the integrated technological environment for working collaboratively
  • Lean - provides a methodology and processes for communicating collaboratively
  • IPD - is a contractual structure for teaming collaboratively

BIM is a collective term for technology changes in the AECO industry. Ms Davis utilizes Lean to structure process, people and technology changes allowing owners to modify their policies and standards, adapt IPD to organizational realities, and help all stakeholders to "think lean".  Her work for the Veteran's Administration BIM Guide has been internationally recognized by Australia as a basis of their BIM standards NATSpec, Singapore, and the UK.

Ms. Davis had 15 years of experience in design and design-build firms before moving to AEC Infosystems to focus on BIM process change.  She is Co-Chair of CSI Omniclass development, a board member of the Building Smart Alliance, a member on the AGC LOD committee, and a technical chair for the National BIM Standards supporting BIM processes and data standards development.

Some of her clients have included: the US Coast Guard, Army Research Lab, The Smithsonian Institution, NIST, the Architect of the Capitol, the National Institute of Building Sciences, Marriott Corporation, Massachusetts Port Authority, DCAMM and numerous service providers.